If you think of your old people at leisure time

Up to now, there are still a few unfinished tea leaves in front of my desk. They are old pu’er and Wuyi Rock Tea. They are the tip of Mount Lushan’s fur, and they are also in red robes. Often used cups of tea are also one or two small things found in the small market. I remember Bai Luomei’s book mentioned that a song can be heard without rhyme, a person can love to unintentionally, a tea can be tasteless to drink. Just when that tea tastes tasteless, life has a different flavor.
Bai Juyi wrote: ”sing the cream and Mao sentence, and enjoy the tea with snow.” If a good night to keep the Wenxin candle cutting, through the rest of the ink dyeing: ”curtain cigarettes lingering fallen leaves, Yueming chess pieces fall deep moss.” If Su Gong micro-strip Artemisia head south of the Yangtze River, Lu You’s conclusion: ”More for the tea Ou to eliminate the dream, small window banners painted south of the Yangtze River.” Life is like a duckweed, ups and downs, autumn heart, why not take a tea time to calm the mind, be a clear and simple person.
The world is like a dream, the dream is 800 Qiangtang’s ”A Dream of Wild Dust”, or Xu Song’s ”Thousand Baidu” found the dream of the Yi people, or the scenery of the Qin and Han Dynasties, Tang and Song Dynasties, the characters of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a light smoke and rain? These years in other people’s poems singing in every level, in other people’s stories written in every level. The answer may be long, or it may be a lifetime. The answer is very short. Maybe there will be results in the morning.
In the remote years, a person’s life is so short. If it is like a flower in early spring, it is replaced by a new layer of red mud after several storms; if it is like a cicada in midsummer, it is a reincarnation of seventeen years after several nights of weaving; if it is like a leaf in frost and autumn, it is a gathering of one’s brows; if it is like a snowfall in cold winter, it is melted by drops, then it will continue. The river is gone.
And the prosperous times, reality is stable, let the wind and rain outside the window, ups and downs of mountains and rivers, borrow a tea time, in exchange for a per

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Hotel service quality management terms

1. quality
The sum of the characteristics and characteristics of a product or service that satisfies a specified or

potential need.
2. quality of service
It is the product of the objective reality of the service and the subjective feelings of the guests.
3. quality of service gap
It refers to the gap between customer expectations of service and customer perceptions of service provided

by enterprises. It can also be understood as the gap between the objective reality of service and customer

subjective perceptions of quality.
4. service commitments
Also known as service guarantee, is a customer-oriented, customer satisfaction-oriented, before the sale of

service products to promise a number of service items in order to arouse customers’interest and interest, encourage

customers to actively buy service products, and in the service activities to faithfully fulfill the commitment of

the system and marketing behavior.

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5. Hotel
It refers to commercial facilities and institutions that provide accommodation and other services for the

6. organizational structure
It refers to the organization’s internal command system, information communication network and interpersonal

relations between the various components of a relationship.
7. grade chain
In the hotel organization, a number of management levels are formed from top to bottom, and a hierarchical

chain is formed between the top managers and the lowest managers, in which orders are issued and business is

directed in turn asthma trials
8. – functional system
Also known as the mixed system, it is based on the strict control of the straight-line system, absorb the

advantages of the professional system to give full play to the role of a comprehensive organization structure.
9. hotel system
It is the general name of the articles of association, regulations, codes, rules, procedures, standards and

methods that guide, restrain and motivate the behavior of all the members of the organization, determine the

methods of handling affairs and stipulate the working procedures.
10. hotel service quality
The service quality of a hotel can be defined as ”the satisfaction degree of material and spiritual needs of

the guests in the hotel brought by intangible products based on tangible products such as hotel equipment and

facilities, which are formed by the living labor provided by the hotel staff”.
11. Hotel interactive service quality management
In order to improve the quality of hotel interactive service, we should strengthen the control of

interactive process, implement the training of interactive service, and create an interactive environment for

customers to participate in the service process.
12. hotel service standardization
It refers to the requirement that a hotel formulate its own internal standard system in accordance with the

quality standards and the reality of the hotel.

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13.ABC analysis
ABC analysis takes the principle of ”the key is the minority, the secondary is the majority” as the basic

idea. Through the analysis of various factors affecting the quality of hotels, the number of quality problems and

the frequency of quality problems as two related indicators, quantitative analysis.
14. causality analysis
Causal analysis is a graphical method for analyzing the causes of quality problems by using causal analysis

diagrams. Because the graph of causal analysis is similar to that of fishbone and branch, it is also known as

fishbone diagram and branch diagram.
15. room reservation
Guests should advance the specific requirements of the hotel before arriving at the hotel.

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